Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Eggstravaganza

This past Saturday, the church I work at held their annual Easter event for the public. It is always a lot of fun and the girls look forward to going every year.

there were games to play...

face painting...

animals to pet...

eggs to hunt...

If not for the crazy amount of wind, it would have been an absolute gorgeous day. Because of the wind, they couldn't put up the bounce houses so the girls were a little disappointed about that. A fun time was still had by all though!
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Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break

Spring break consisted of me, my three girls, our new puppy and my friend, Momma Wolg, her two kids JT and Sissy (as they are know in blogosphere) going on an 8-9 hour road trip to visit our parents. Her parents and mine live not too far from each other (small world) so it worked out for us to make the trip together and spend time with our respective families and meet back up for the trip home.

I was a little, ok maybe more than a little, worried how it would go with five kids and a puppy making the trip. I was kind of expecting total chaos in the car, but it was actually a very pleasant trip and I really enjoyed the time with my friend.

the little kids took a nap...

A couple of nights before we left, the girls were giving their reasons why they like going to Grandma and Papa's. One of those reasons is because they LOVE to wrestle with Papa. I explained to them that Papa probably wouldn't be able to wrestle with them this time because he has a really bad knee that hurts him. They said that they were going to ask him anyway. Okie dokie, then.

Papa, being the great Papa that is he his, did not disappoint them.

they thought they were a bunch of models and apparently you have to put your hands on your head when modeling :)

No bathing suits were brought, but they didn't care. When the sprinklers came on, they were happy to play in them in their clothes.

poor fella looks terrified

My mom and I took the girls and Tank to the park one of the days to have a picnic and play. It was a gorgeous day, but just a little too windy for picnic purposes. We had to hold on to everything and eat quickly for fear of it being blown away. There were a few napkins and plates that had to be chased down. The girls had fun swinging, climbing, sliding and running around. A new park is always so much fun.

as always, we had a fun visit with Grandma and Papa, but it's time to say goodbye and meet up with our traveling companions and head home

the gang is all ready to head out
I wish I could say that the trip headed home was as pleasant as the trip out, but it wasn't. Not that it was terrible, just not as nice and "relaxing". I think it had more to do with the fact that they were more tired and cranky. My girls certainly were! They had no bed time at Grandma and Papa's and went to bed when the rest of us did each night which wasn't all that early. And let's face it, when travelling, the trip to where you're going is always much better than the one that requires you to get home. I was "affectionately" dubbed the snack lady. It seemed like it was a constant request for food and the word mommy was said a million times! Alright so that is an exaggeration but it was A LOT!! Momma Wolg joked that we needed one of those clicker counters so we would know how many times it was said. With 5 kids, it was pretty constant and pretty annoying. :)
YAY Texas!! Too bad Texas is so big that we were still HOURS from home.

Bsyn was the only sleeper on the way home

as you can see the trip was just so rough on Tank

big girls being goofy

Choo choo was another thing that we could have done without hearing over and over and over and over get my drift. JT saw the first choo choo and then after that it was all he wanted to see. I had my camera out when we were passing this one and he REALLY wanted me to take a picture of it.
All in all, it was a very fun trip. It wasn't so terrible that we won't do it again. We talked about doing it again this summer, so we'll see...
Until next time...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meet "TANK"!

After our dogs had to be put to sleep, Utah 4 months shy of her 12th birthday and Bailey 2 months after hers, we knew we would eventually get another dog. My request though, was that after having two 100 pound Akitas that we get some sort of smaller dog, one that I could take in the car easily enough. We have been dogless for about 13 months now and a new doggie, a MUCH SMALLER 1 pound 9 ounce little fella has joined our family. A guy Jeff works with has a Jack Russell that got out and came home pregnant (oops!) possibly by a Chiuaua. She had six puppies and he was giving them away to a good home. Jeff put our name in to get one and yesterday was the day that we could finally bring him home. THE GIRLS HAD NO IDEA!! We told them that we had to go to daddy's work because there was something he needed to do there. They were not the least bit thrilled about having to go, Kendal complained the whole way there. Their complaints went away when they walked in and they saw the man with all his puppies there. They ran over to them asking if they could pet and hold them.

As they are loving on them, I asked them which one they wanted to take home. They didn't have much of a reaction at first, then all have a sudden, Kendal gasped and said, "We get to take one home?" in a very excited voice.
Kendal's expression when she found out that we were indeed taking one home with us.

Payton with our chosen little fella, Tank

Bransyn and Tank

I don't think Kendal's smile could get any bigger.

What a cute little face!!!

His bed once he is house broken. Thankfully so far, there has only been one accident. For now we have him in a crate, but he did a lot of "crying" last night so hopefully as he adjusts to life with us that will change. I was outside with him at one in the morning. REALLY could've done without that! Jeff ended up putting him on a towel in our bed so he would quit "crying", it worked. It is quite possible that he will be spoiled rotten! We are all very smitten with our little fella!

The girls didn't waste any time getting up this morning. Long enough to grab Tank and everyone snuggle up together in Kendal's bed. As I said, SPOILED ROTTEN! :)
Until next time...