Monday, September 13, 2010

Last Year of Preschool

It's hard to believe that this is the VERY LAST year that we will have a child enrolled at the Child Development Center. I started working there when Kendal was 1, but left her with my mom that first year. At the time, we figured why pay for her to go there when my mom would watch her those two days for free :) plus we had just moved here and we really didn't know what the program was about. I was there less than a month when I regretted the choice not to enroll Kendal, but her age was already full. The program is the greatest! Kendal was enrolled the very next year and Payton and Bransyn were in the infant room as soon as they had had their first set of vaccinations. I LOVE working there, I LOVE everyone I work with and I LOVE that all our girls will have "graduated" out of there into Kindergarten. More importantly, all three of our girls have LOVED it there!
FIRST day of the LAST day of her preschool career

sisters are the best!

pals--they have moved up in the program together and will go off to Kindergarten at the same school together next fall, as of now anyway....

SECOND day of the LAST year of preschool
Didn't work out to get a pic of her with her teachers on the first day...and we HAVE to have that, it is her LAST year of preschool, after all!! :)
Bransyn with her teachers, Ms. M, Ms. M and Ms. D
The second Ms. M and Ms. D also had her when she was 1

Until next time...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Grade Do-Over

Of course starting school can't remain uneventful for us. On Thursday of the second week, Payton came home with a note from the Principal. Fortunately, we were not the only parents to receive a note from the Principal regarding our first grader. She did not get in any major trouble that warranted a note coming home from the Principal, instead it was to inform us that there was an over abundance of little first graders and an under abundance of little Kindergartners so they were taking the new Kinder teacher who has first grade experience and moving her up to first grade and Payton was one of the lucky ones that got chosen to move to her class. When I talked to Payton, she didn't seem to be the least bit concerned about it and acted like it was no big deal. Good! Great! Friday morning, she became very nervous about it and I had to explain to her (again) that it would be the next week before she changed classes, that she would still be with her original teacher, that her new teacher would be coming in to her class today to meet the students that would be transferring to her class and that next week I would walk her to her class that first day to help her get settled. That day was yesterday. We walked into her new classroom hand in hand and as we got closer, she squeezed my hand a little tighter. I wish I could have stayed with her all day!
with her new teacher, Ms. N

her new locker

settling right in at her new desk
It didn't take long before she let go of my hand and realized it was "no big deal". When she got home and I asked her about her day and her new teacher, she didn't have a whole lot to say. Typical! I did get out of her that she likes her teacher and that she is nice. :)
Until next time...

Safety Patrol

Kendal came home from school very excited one day because she had a permission slip for me to sign so she could do Safety Patrol at school. This is an honor only bestowed upon 4th and 5th graders. Safety Patrol means several students standing out to help get doors open and closed at the car line during drop off or pick up depending on when your designated time is. This is supposed to help the drop off and pick up line move quicker and smoother. I'm sure it does. Kendal's shift is every Tuesday morning. Which means, instead of leaving our house around 7:25 in the morning, we have to leave by 7:05. She has to be there and ready to help at the car line by 7:20. She doesn't care that it means getting up earlier. I'm not sure how Payton and Bransyn feel about that, but neither has complained yet.

Her first day on the job. In the rain. She didn't care. So cute in her orange vest!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bransyn turns 5

FIVE. Age five to me means to me that the "baby" stage is officially over. I don't mean baby like goo-ga-ga, at five, you become "little girl" (or boy). Maybe you don't get what I mean...but, Bransyn hit that stage today, she is five. FIVE!!! There are no longer any "baby" stages left around's all over! If she had been born five days earlier, she could have started Kindergarten this year. I'm glad she wasn't born five days earlier. I'm thrilled that I have her with me for one more year.
Today, she turns five on Labor Day, which would almost be funny to me if she hadn't been a scheduled labor with her. :) Her Daddy ended up not having to work on this blessed day so we got to have the whole day together to celebrate. We took a drive just for fun and then Bsyn got to pick if she wanted a birthday lunch or dinner and where she wanted to go. She chose lunch at Chick-fil-A "because then we can play". :)

"eat more chikin"

nasty feet

birthday ice cream yummy!

back at home to open presents

Alice in Wonderland from her sisters

she only asked for one thing for her birthday, she really wanted it...

meet kitty cat, Lulu
No live cats allowed here, but we were happy to accommodate Lulu. She blinks her eyes, meows and rolls back to pet her belly.
Happy Birthday number FIVE, Bransyn!
You were our very special surprise and we couldn't have asked for a better one.
You are loved so, so much!!
When I went in the next morning, this is how I found Bsyn and Lulu. She had given her a special place to sleep at night. :)