Monday, September 13, 2010

Last Year of Preschool

It's hard to believe that this is the VERY LAST year that we will have a child enrolled at the Child Development Center. I started working there when Kendal was 1, but left her with my mom that first year. At the time, we figured why pay for her to go there when my mom would watch her those two days for free :) plus we had just moved here and we really didn't know what the program was about. I was there less than a month when I regretted the choice not to enroll Kendal, but her age was already full. The program is the greatest! Kendal was enrolled the very next year and Payton and Bransyn were in the infant room as soon as they had had their first set of vaccinations. I LOVE working there, I LOVE everyone I work with and I LOVE that all our girls will have "graduated" out of there into Kindergarten. More importantly, all three of our girls have LOVED it there!
FIRST day of the LAST day of her preschool career

sisters are the best!

pals--they have moved up in the program together and will go off to Kindergarten at the same school together next fall, as of now anyway....

SECOND day of the LAST year of preschool
Didn't work out to get a pic of her with her teachers on the first day...and we HAVE to have that, it is her LAST year of preschool, after all!! :)
Bransyn with her teachers, Ms. M, Ms. M and Ms. D
The second Ms. M and Ms. D also had her when she was 1

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