Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Safety Patrol

Kendal came home from school very excited one day because she had a permission slip for me to sign so she could do Safety Patrol at school. This is an honor only bestowed upon 4th and 5th graders. Safety Patrol means several students standing out to help get doors open and closed at the car line during drop off or pick up depending on when your designated time is. This is supposed to help the drop off and pick up line move quicker and smoother. I'm sure it does. Kendal's shift is every Tuesday morning. Which means, instead of leaving our house around 7:25 in the morning, we have to leave by 7:05. She has to be there and ready to help at the car line by 7:20. She doesn't care that it means getting up earlier. I'm not sure how Payton and Bransyn feel about that, but neither has complained yet.

Her first day on the job. In the rain. She didn't care. So cute in her orange vest!

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CRIM said...

Hey - I was safety patrol too :-)