Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Grade Do-Over

Of course starting school can't remain uneventful for us. On Thursday of the second week, Payton came home with a note from the Principal. Fortunately, we were not the only parents to receive a note from the Principal regarding our first grader. She did not get in any major trouble that warranted a note coming home from the Principal, instead it was to inform us that there was an over abundance of little first graders and an under abundance of little Kindergartners so they were taking the new Kinder teacher who has first grade experience and moving her up to first grade and Payton was one of the lucky ones that got chosen to move to her class. When I talked to Payton, she didn't seem to be the least bit concerned about it and acted like it was no big deal. Good! Great! Friday morning, she became very nervous about it and I had to explain to her (again) that it would be the next week before she changed classes, that she would still be with her original teacher, that her new teacher would be coming in to her class today to meet the students that would be transferring to her class and that next week I would walk her to her class that first day to help her get settled. That day was yesterday. We walked into her new classroom hand in hand and as we got closer, she squeezed my hand a little tighter. I wish I could have stayed with her all day!
with her new teacher, Ms. N

her new locker

settling right in at her new desk
It didn't take long before she let go of my hand and realized it was "no big deal". When she got home and I asked her about her day and her new teacher, she didn't have a whole lot to say. Typical! I did get out of her that she likes her teacher and that she is nice. :)
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CRIM said...

the teacher did seem nice - i had recess duty w/her:-)