Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kids say the darndest things!

I brought in the girl's car seats to wash the covers and Kendal saw me spraying them.

Kendal: Mommy why are you spraying our seats?

Me: Because I am going to wash them so I am spraying these spots so hopefully they will come out.

I am now spraying her seat cover....

Kendal: Mommy, that's cuz I gased on it!

All I could do was laugh hysterically and hug her and tell her that she is too stinkin' cute for words.

Until next time...

Slurpee mess

Jeff got home last night and wanted to know if we wanted to go out to see the "new" location he works out of at the airport. Kendal is complaining about being sooooo thirsty and wanting something to drink, I am extremely hot from cleaning and getting a little cranky from it so I answered Jeff's question with a "sure we can go see the new place, but on the way you want to stop for slurpee's?" He, of course, doesn't even have to think twice on that one so we get everyone a little cleaned up, not so white trashy looking, and load up in the van and head to 7-11 for slurpees. Who knew?!?! While I am getting the lids on everyones cups, Jeff starts to fill his with a combo of flavors (YUCK!) and it overflows so I say, "Way to go, babe!" and start filling up Payton's. I think I stop in plenty of time, but it starts spewing out the little hole in the top so I try to keep it from overflowing by sucking out the top, but I can't do it fast enough. I end up with brain freeze and an overflowing cup. We should've just left then, but we didn't. While getting that cleaned up, neither of us notice that Kendal has taken her cup to fill. Guess what got it! Hers didn't actually overflow because she didn't have the nozzle thingy in the correct spot so it just kind of sprayed out everywhere. Jeff yanks it away from her and tells her to go to the bathroom and wash her hands so she takes of to the bathroom just as Payton drops her cup on the floor and the lid pops off. I am so not kidding! I get that picked up and tell the poor 20-something guy working there that I am so sorry, but my daughter just dropped her slurpee on the floor and a mop is probably needed. Before he gets back with the mop, Kendal comes back from the bathroom and slides through the spill so she now has slurpee up on her foot and flip flop. All of us did manage to get our slurpee and get to the car with the threat on everyone's life if it got spilled in the car. I really can't believe we took that chance after what we had just experienced, but no accidents in the car and my Pina Colada slurpee was totally yummy! When we were paying the poor guy, Jeff said to him, "Sorry, dude, we won't ever come back". The guy just smiled at him and said,"That's OK." I know that is soooo not what he was thinking. :)

Until next time...

Monday, July 21, 2008

New "Job" Title

Us mommy's hold many titles. Along with wife and Mommy, we are also the maid, cook, chauffeur, storyteller, problem solver, disciplinarian, prayer warrior for our family and friends as well as others, potty trainer, grocery shopper and I'm sure if I really think about it I could come up with a some more, but you get my drift. (I know that the hubbies and Daddy's help out a lot in these areas as well). I took the girls to the pool today and Bransyn gave me a new title to add to my many others. She was floating in the water and I swam up to her under the water and came up right in front of her face. For some reason she thinks that is hilarious. So when she finishes laughing she says to me, "Mommy you're a mermaid, a pretty mermaid." Oh to be as pretty and graceful as a mermaid. HA! My baby is just the sweetest!!

Until next time...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Growing Pains

I think the "pains" of my girls growing up are starting to get to me. I have been looking forward to the day that they all have some independence so I am not constantly having to track their every move around the house. I really, really want Bransyn to be fully potty trained and wearing panties like her sisters. I am extremely tired of diapers and pull-ups!! I love that Payton can buckle herself in her car seat and Kendal buckles Bransyn and then UNbuckles both of them. Rarely do I have to climb back and do all that, now I get in my seat and wait for everyone to be buckled before I drive off. That is so great! I love that Kendal can now bathe herself and has even bathed Payton a few times. I love that they can all feed themselves and eat "real" food. Now if only they wouldn't be so picky! I DO NOT want to go back to when they needed me for absolutely EVERYTHING. I want them to grow up, but a simple question from Jeff has put me in a little bit of a quandry when it comes to that area of life. His question....."Are you about ready to get rid of this double stroller?" That question, even now, makes me want to cry. I know we no longer need it. It really does not get used anymore, it is just sitting in the way in our entry way, but we got it when Kendal was born and has been well used and "loved". I teared up a little last night when I had to throw out the lunch box that Kendal got when she was two and first starting coming to CDC with me and used through first grade. It got me to thinking about the pack 'n play we no longer need and the infant car seat that is sitting in our entry way closet and other things that we really just need to get rid of and for some reason it makes me sad. I am not usually a real sentimental person when it comes to material items, I have no problem cleaning out drawers and closets of clothes that have been outgrown, so I have to wonder why I am having a hard time with these other itmes. I KNOW that we don't want to have any more babies, I couldn't even if we did want to. I see the newborn, itty-bitty babies and I don't feel that "urge" that I once would about a baby, so why do I feel like I need to hang on to these baby items that serve no purpose to us any longer that just take up space?! I enjoy seeing my girls grow up and discover new things that are just so amazing to them that the rest of us take for granted. I try to picture what they will look like the older they get and what they will do or be. I think about them getting married and having kids of their own and hope and pray that they find that "perfect" guy for them and that Jeff and I are still alive to see it. Three teenage daughters could potentially kill us! :) Knowing all this, I still don't get why Jeff's simple question has put me in such a crazy state of mind!!

Until next time...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


My phone rang about 30 minutes ago and it was my friend Kay, which I thought was wierd because she is teaching at VBS at our church which doesn't get out for another hour and a half. I answer the phone and she tells me to hang on because Kendal wants to talk to me. I am thinking that Kendal must not be feeling well and wants to come home. Instead Kendal says to me, "Mommy, guess what, I asked Jesus into my heart today!" MY BABY GOT SAVED!!!!!! I, of course, start crying which I think wierded her out a little so I had to reassure her that Mommy was (and still is) crying happy tears. I just kept telling her that I love her and that I am so proud of her and that Jesus loves her. After telling me that she loves me too, she says, "OK, I gotta go now." Hey, she is only 7 and she had to get back to the fun of VBS. :) MY BABY IS SAVED, SHE WILL SPEND ETERNITY IN HEAVEN WITH JESUS!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Until next time...