Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of CDC (preschool)

Today our regular school routine hit in full force with the first day of CDC, the preschool where I work and Payton and Bransyn attend on Mondays and Fridays. Thankfully, they LOOOVE it there and have totally awesome, wonderful, great, loving teachers. My class was not so great, a lot of criers, but hopefully that will change as the year progresses. And that's all I have to say about that!! At least Payton and Bransyn had a great day! Bransyn even took a nap in her class. That was surprising. Of course, that means she'll probably still be up at 11 pm :) :) Here are some pics of the girls on their first day.
Loaded down with their backpacks that weigh just about as much as they do. :)

Bransyn, very happy to be a strawberry this year
Here she is putting her backpack in her cubby, or trying to anyway.

Bransyn with her teachers, Ms. Gloria and Ms. Renee. They also had Kendal at this age and Payton last year in their class. I'm so happy that they are getting our last little girl as well.
Payton gets to be in the turtle class

Here's Payton struggling to get her backpack in her cubby

Payton with her teacher Ms. Lisa (on right) and aide, Ms. Danielle.

Both of them said that they had a lot of fun in their classes. I asked both of them what they did at school today. Here's what Bransyn had to say, "I was eating lunch, you couldn't see me eating lunch, but I was eating lunch" also, "I was playing with Austin and Ally" then she started talking about time out so I asked if she was in time out and she said she wasn't. I asked if someone else got put in time out and she said, "uh-huh" so I asked who and she told me that she couldn't tell me. HA! Too funny! Here's what Payton had to say, "ate lunch, but I didn't drink my juice box" and "I helped clean up" and "I learned about God" and that right there is what it is all about!!

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3BoyMom said...

Here's to a great year at CDC...for the kids, anyway!!! HA!
Love you, partner!

The Horton Family said...

SWEEEEEEEEEEET! Payton learned about God eh? What a smart little girl!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks for the pics. They are adorable. I am so happy to have Payton. She's the sweetest little thing. And I'm glad Bsyn is with Ally too! Good stuff!

CRIM said...

that Bransyn must have one heck of a teacher!!! and love the pics

Jmom said...

Don't you love the first day of school! There are so many new things to celebrate! Thanks for sharing (you hallway climber that you are:-)).