Sunday, October 19, 2008

Catching Up....

I have been lazy about getting on here and doing any updating, so before too much more time passes, here's an update on a few big things that have happened...

Kendal loses a tooth

She finally lost one of her top teeth. Last Sunday, during Sunday School she pulled out her tooth. That, of course prompted writing a note to the Tooth Fairy later that evening. She asked her for three gifts, one for her (Hannah Montana makeup) and each of her sisters (a toy puppy for each of them). It was very sweet that she included her sisters in the request, but nevertheless, the Tooth Fairy wrote back that she couldn't give gifts because she didn't have any way to carry them so she could only give money. She was just as excited about the note from the Tooth Fairy as she was about the money.

Kendal gets her ears pierced

She is patiently and excitedly waiting for the girl to pierce her ears

getting her ears prepped to have the earrings put in

she surprised both her Daddy and I and sat there very still while the girl punched the earring in

no surprise to either of us was that she did cry, just not as bad as we thought she would

she even sat still through the second earring...but still crying :)

the crying continued for a little while, she did not like having an audience inside the store

much happier now

she picked out some pretty, pink flower earrings

Jeff and I have a date

Not that us having a date is very exciting, but we usually have the girls with us since his work schedule is so crazy and he doesn't get to spend that much time with them. This night however, was my sister-in-law's brother's wedding so we got to get dressed up, had a babysitter for the girls and got to spend a few hours together with other adults. The girls had a great time too, they keep asking me, "When is Rebecca going to babysit us again?" Maybe that's their way of saying that we need to get out more on our own without them.

Best of all, we got to spend some time with my brother, Kevin and sis-in-law, Leah who we don't get to see often enough.

Until next time...


3BoyMom said...

I love the picture of you and Jeff! Ya'll clean up real nice...

Momma Wolg said...

okay i'm waiting to let K get her ears pierced...she would just cry but would need to be put out completely. LOL :)

Date night...aren't they great and too far apart!

T Witt said...

Love this picture. You all look so nice. I bet it was so much fun to spend the time together.