Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vacation Part 2: Seaport Village

The day after Christmas, we headed up to San Diego to do some fun SD things. Our first stop was Seaport Village which was a place that we both remembered going to as kids so we wanted to take our girls there as well. It has a bunch of little shops and food places, some local entertainment, right by the water (of course!) and just a fun place to walk around.
the drive up the mountain to San Diego

The girls by the water. I tried getting them to sit on the wall for the pic, but they were all too scared to. What a bunch of girlies!! :)

They would've been content just to chase all the birds that were around there

Daddy and his girls.
Kendal was still a little nervous about being so close to the water. She eventually warmed up to that. They all did.....and at times made me a nervous wreck the way they were running around. I just knew they were going to fall over the side. Now who's the girlie?!?! :)

Jeff's 4 favorite girls ;)

The girls watching some of the local entertainment. Kendal heard that his next performance would be "in 15 minutes" and she begged us to watch it.
Yes, it was that kind of crazy performance. Here he is swallowing fire...it gets better...
Here is his wacky assistant. I think that's a job requirement in this line of work. I could never apply. :)
Here is Jeff with 3 other guys picked (two girls were picked also) from the audience to assist in one of his crazy "stunts".

Here, they are all testing out the bed of nails

Jeff, another guy and the two girls stood on a board....on the guy....laying on the bed of nails. The other two guys stood on the ends for support. While I know this is all part of the whole magical, illusion act, I still couldn't help thinking as I was watching this that it would be just totally awful if the horrific did happen and he punctured himself through all those nails while our innocent girls were looking on. Not to mention, that the poor guy would most surely die.

Thankfully, the horrific didn't happen and all ended well and he peeled himself off of the nails. He did have some pretty icky gouge marks all over his back though. EEEWW!

Here he is demonstrating how he was going to swallow the sword. Yuh-huh!!

Ummmm, yeah, I was totally icked out and fascinated by this at the same time. I actually gagged watching this. I really wonder sometimes what makes some people tick. I mean really now, what possesses a person to try something like this. He did inform us that he is only 1 of 47 sword swallowers left in the world. Hmmm really, I wonder why that is....

It is just gorgeous there, all the views of the water and the weather. We realized while there how much we actually miss living there.

The girls getting their caricatures done

The finished product in less than 30 minutes.

to be continued...

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CRIM said...

great pics sassie!!! sometimes i feel like that guy after dealing with my boys all day!!!! my throat raw and my back aches:-)