Thursday, April 23, 2009

CDC Art Show

In the Spring, we have an art show at our preschool. The teachers pick the medium that the kiddos will use, but then it is all up to the kids to create their masterpieces. It is really neat to see each child's personality come out in their work.

Payton showing off the tree created as a class project
"Still Life Watercolor" by Payton

this is what she drew her inspiration from :)
Payton showing off another class project...the penguin flag. She is pointing to her footprint penguin and dressed "like a penguin". All the kids in her class had a certain fact about penguins and "performed" for the parents that came to the art show. Her penguin fact: "Chinstrap penguins are the most common penguins."

"Plunger and PVC pipe in Tempera" by Payton

"Photography Collage" by Payton

"Rainbow Tissue Paper" by Bransyn

"Raincloud Cotton Balls" by Bransyn

"Fingerpainting" by Bransyn
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The Horton Family said...

Love this! They both did GREAT jobs! And Payton ROCKED IT with her Penguin fact!!!