Monday, November 16, 2009

Funny Girls

Driving home one night, we were in an area that has apartment complexes on all four corners and in the grassy area by the sidewalk was a for sale sign. Kendal sees the sign and from the back of the van, we hear her (talking more to herself than us) say, "Why would someone try and sell grass? That is just weird!"

While I was fixing dinner one afternoon, I told Kendal to start on her homework and if she didn't know something then to skip it and we would work on it together later. She kept saying that she couldn't do it by herself and after her and I did the multiple back and forth with "Yes you can", "No I can't", she finally said in a very exasperated voice, "No I can't, it's multiplication and I can't multiplicate!!"

The five of us were sitting together watching an episode of Verminators (yes I know that's weird). They were in a house that had a mice infestation and was showing us viewers how bad it was because of all their poo and pee around the house. ICK! Payton was sitting in her daddy's lap and looked up at him and with total seriousness says, "Daddy, how do mice wipe themselves?"

Bransyn and I were in the car and she was in her seat way in the back and kept wanting me to see what she was drawing on her Magna Doodle, so I would look in my rear view mirror as I am driving down the street to see what great thing she has drawn. Each time was, of course, something that looked like nothing, but she had some great description for it. After one particular "drawing" that made me laugh, I told her that she was so goofy.
Bsyn: "I'm not goofy"
Me: "Yes you are"
Bsyn: "No I'm not"
Me: "OK, you're silly then"
Bsyn: "No I'm not, I'm cute!"
Me: "Oh, you're cute huh?"
Bsyn: "Yea, I'm stinkin' cute!!"
Me: "YES YOU ARE!!!!"

Yes, we tell her all that time that she is stinkin' cute.......I fear it may be going to her head! :) I absolutely, without question love being a mom. All our girls are "stinkin' cute" and I adore each one of them!!

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The Horton Family said...

This post just warms my heart. Love the stories. Love the girls. Love you Sass!

CRIM said...

good stuff sass!!!

Shannon Brown said...

The things kids say. Very cute.

3BoyMom said...

Funny girls indeed! :)