Monday, August 25, 2008

2nd grade, here she comes!!

Summer fun has officially started today. We enjoyed having lots of family time, visits from Grandparents, had fun with friends, sleeping in, lazy days, trip to Michigan, swimming in the blow up pool and our many visits to the local pool. But...time to get back in gear with the crazy schedules, normal bedtimes and "dragging" ourselves out of bed at a time that I, myself, think is just WAY too early. If you wanted my opinion on the matter! :)
Here she is in front of the school sign, with her new book bag that she just LOOOVES!!!
Her bag made just for her by Aunt Barb. Kendal got to pick out the fabric and all for it so she is very proud of it. You're AWESOME, Aunt Barb!! Thank you bunches!!!
(You can check out all her things at Just a little plug for her) :)

Fighting the sun because I HAD to get a pic of her outside the school.

Here she is with her totally sweet teacher.

Here she is at her desk...IN THE VERY FRONT ROW...that's a bummer!

Here she is on our way home after her first day. Despite getting a phone call from Nurse Gina (really?! on the first day?!) at 11:30, telling me that she was complaining of a sore throat and what she did for her, she had a great day. Amazingly enough, there hasn't been a word about a sore throat since she got home from school. Imagine that!!

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The Horton Family said...

Love the bag - and yep, summer's gone. How sad. K looks happy even if she's in the front row!

CRIM said...

my kids LOVE the front row - better to throw things at the teacher!! :-)