Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Saying Goodbye

As many of you know, the girls and I along with my parents went to Michigan to see my brother and his family at the beginning of the month. I will share details and pics of that later, but first I have to share the sadness that started AND ended our trip. Our first night on the road, Monday, Aug 4th, we had just barely gotten into our room at the hotel when I get a phone call from Jeff. He had come by the house to check on our two dogs because of the 100+ degree weather. When he pulled up he saw Utah laying on the patio pretty lifeless. She ended up having to be put to sleep. Needless to say, I was pretty upset and then had to break the news to the girls. Payton and Bransyn didn't and still don't get it. Kendal was upset, but did get over it pretty quickly. Amidst her crying she says to me, "I want to go swiiiimmmiiinnnggg", so off to the hotel pool we went. The trip really helped her deal with it better than had we been here, but when we got home, she went to the backyard to see Bailey and was sad about Utah not being here with her. Utah would have been 12 years old this Dec. Her and Bailey were our kids before we had kids. We will miss you, Sweet Girl!

Utah, when we got her as a 4 month old puppy

Utah and her sister, Bailey

Utah, enjoying the cold and snow this past March

We ended up leaving MI a day earlier than originally planned because my aunt called my dad on Monday, Aug. 11th to tell him that my Grandpa had passed away. It wasn't real unexpected, he had been in a convalescent home and had been in poor health for awhile, but still very sad. We ended up spending the rest of that day getting everything together to leave the next morning instead of Wed. so my parents could get back home to get things done to head out back on the road, this time headed west instead of east. My Grandpa's funeral is today and I am sad that I am not there. I am sad that I didn't see him more and that my girls didn't know him. I am happy that he is no longer in any kind of pain or suffering. I am happy that he is in Heaven with my Grandma and my other Grandpa celebrating with Jesus. I love you, Grandpa!!

Grandma and Grandpa with 2 of thier 4 great-grandchildren at the time. There are now 11!



The Horton Family said...

Ah Sassie, I'm sorry. Those are both sad losses. My heart is with you and I'll have your family in my prayers. Love you friend.

CRIM said...

that sucks sassie - i'm so sorry