Saturday, November 8, 2008


In going through things to organize and get rid of, I ran across a bunch of old pictures of Jeff and I that I stuck in an envelope to go through at a later date. Today, I was looking for something and I came across that envelope so I took the time to really look through them. Here are the ones that were my favorite awww moments and seriously?!?! pics.

I totally see Payton and Bransyn in this pic

age 7

age 11

I have no words....I don't think that outfit could get any dorkier!

this is better, more studly

Senior pic
He's so handsome! I JUST LOVE HIM!!!

What was with taking pictures of me sleeping?!?! I no longer sleep with baby dolls or stuffed bears, by the way!! :-)

My first paycheck from my very first job at McDonald's. Oh yes, I am a former MickyD's employee~HA!! Could my bangs be any higher and the makeup any heavier?! Once upon a time I was so, so skinny. To have that 16 year old figure back......
My first car--------turned out to be a piece of crap!!

Me with my mom. Gotta love the orange face and white neck that I got going on!! Oh....that is so bad!!!

looookin' good!! hahahaha! ;)

Senior pics
My 19th birthday. Lovin' the floral outfit....ICK!

June 1993
Jeff and I together on one of my trips back to California. A year later, we were planning a wedding. Loved him him still!!
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Momma Wolg said...

Okay, these pictures are hysterical, especially with your comments. You both were good looking, but the whole 80's look. Ha! Ha! I could give you some competition on the bang height.

Getting fancy with blog, now are we?
Momma Wolg

3BoyMom said...

Laughing. Out. Loud.

What job did Jeff have that required white pants, green tie, and a pig? I dig his velour shirt and the wingback chair, too.

No comment about your bangs. If you can't say something nice...

Does he know you posted these for the world to see? :)

3 Girl Mommy said...

4H and yes, he knows. His comment was, "You did not put pictures of me on there!" he's looking at them. I was thinking of getting him a velour shirt for Christmas. ;)

CRIM said...

you look exactly the same!!! (minus the bangs)

Shannon Brown said...

Those bangs and makeup brought me back to those days. I've got a pic with bright turquoise eyeliner and light pastel pink lipstick. I thought I was looking good.

The Horton Family said...

Oh Sassie, those are the BEST pictures!!!! I too worked at Mickey D's for my first job and I SWEAR our hair was IDENTICAL!!!! HA! Those were the days! Those pics are all so cute. Thanks for sharing!

T Witt said...

You are a brave girl posting those pictures. I'm not sure I could bring myself to do that. Good for you to share. I love them all.