Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tuckered Out!!

Last night, since the girls were being good and playing really well together, I let them stay up pretty late. More for selfish reasons....I was hoping it would give me a Saturday to sleep in past 7:00. It worked too!! They all slept till about 8:30 so I finally crawled out of bed around 8:45. Kendal and Bransyn just couldn't hack the late night though. They ended up laying on Kendal's bed and using her two big stuffed bears as pillows, covered up with her blanket and fell asleep around 11 pm. Payton, on the other hand hung out with me in the play room. I was on the computer and she was playing with toys, but about 11:30, she started BEGGING me to get off the computer so she could sit with me. I complied and in less than two minutes she was sound asleep! Sleeping in was a great way to start my Saturday!! :)

awwww....sweet sisters
Bransyn was upset with me because I told her that she had to eat more of her dinner before she could leave the table. She laid down on the chair to pout and this is how I found her a few minutes later. Well...that's definately one way for her to get out of eating more of her dinner!
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CRIM said...

I love that Sassie!!!

3BoyMom said...

You fixed your blog! Very cute!