Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Go Fish! and ??Sickness??

Last Tuesday night, Kendal (a.k.a. "Square Dance Caller") and all the other 2nd graders had their school play performance called, Go Fish! Each class had to dress in different costumes. Kendal's class were "Sea Horses", some were "Crabs", "Eels", "Red Snappers" and "Clown Fish" and then some with individual speaking parts had to dress as certain kinds of fish or sharks or whatever. Kendal's class, being sea horses, had to dress as cowgirls or cowboys. Other than a pair of blue jeans, we own nothing to dress as a cowgirl. Thanks to my sweet friend, Lisa, we were able to borrow a hat and pair of boots from her daughter.

This is as cowgirl as we could get :)

Waiting for the performance to start. She looks so thrilled to be there.

She is positioned and ready when it is time for her to say her part
(almost dead center of the pic)

"Choose your partner, don't be slow.
Watch out for the undertow!
Bow to your partner as you wish,
Chances are, it's another fish!
Swing your partner once or twice.
Havin' a roundup's mighty nice.
Other way back from where you brought 'er,
Doin' a square dance underwater!"

She was so cute AND we could understand what she was saying. Everyone did such a great job and pulled off a very cute and funny play. We love the music teacher Mrs. I and Drama teacher Ms. D! They are awesome!

Post play pic, notice the "clown fish" next to her. So cute!

On a totally different note.....

The day after the play, I am at work and get a call from the school nurse a little after 10. She tells me that she has Kendal in her office and she is throwing up. Oh, boy!! I gather up the other two kiddos and head to the school to get her. When I get there, she is laying down, but smiles when she sees me. The evidence is on her jeans. Unfortunately, she threw up in class on another boy's desk and herself. Sweet Nurse G says that if she acts fine the rest of the day, no fever and no more vomiting then she can go back to school the next day. We get home and get her cleaned up, give her a bucket, get her settled on the couch while I make her some soup. "MAKE"...ha, what I actually mean is open up a can of Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup add water and pop it in the microwave. Yummy!! (sarcasm) She has one teeny tiny vomiting episode while I am getting her food, but eats her soup, has seconds, lays back down on the couch for a little while, but it doesn't take long before she is up playing with her sisters. I was on the computer (big surprise there!) when the three of them came in wearing their bathing suits asking if they could go February!!! I explain to them that even though it is a gorgeous, nice day that it is still too cold to go swimming. They ask if they can go outside to play and I said I didn't care so off they went. Kendal was sooooo going to school the next morning!
At one point, all three of them had scarves around their neck and Payton was wearing her rain boots also. Of course, by the time I get out there to take a picture Bransyn was the only one still wearing the scarf, even though it is now tied around her waist, and her boots. Our fashion setting daughter!! ;-)

SIDEWALK chalk, yet there was more of it on the BBQ and the wood...

...or the dog house.

Yep, Kendal's fine! She is going to school in the morning. Or so I thought. At some point in the night, she had come and got in our bed and at FIVE AM!!! I am awakened by a "splat" sound. I jump up saying, "Did you just puke in our bed?" to which Jeff replies, "What do you think!?" Turns out, Bransyn was also in our bed so then I thought she had been slimed as well, thankfully she wasn't. Got Kendal to the bathroom just in case, got Bransyn out of the bed, Jeff got Kendal cleaned up and got her something to drink while I stripped our bed and got things in the washer. AT FIVE AM!!! Not a good thing for this non-morning person. Kendal is not going to school!!!!!!!!

She did not have any more vomiting and proceeded to be TOTALLY FINE the rest of the day. They spent some of the morning bundled in our comforter and pillows that I had thrown on the floor so I could get everything else washed. They looked very cute and comfy all snuggled up together!! She was back at school the next day and life returned to normal. Whatever "normal" is! :)

Until next time...


CRIM said...

hate it when the babies are sick!! hate it worse when the BIG babies are sick!!!:-)

The Horton Family said...

Loved the cowgirl outfit! She looked awesome!

And your story of the sickness and the swimsuits and the sweet girls lying there all together is just good stuff. (Well, sickness - not good)

Thanks for sharing.