Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vacation Part 6: Disneyland

Disney day had finally arrived. A day that had been talked about for THREE years was finally happening. Jeff's mom has wanted to take our family and Jeff's sister and her family for several years now and it finally came to be. I'm glad it hadn't worked out in previous years because I think all our girls were at a great age for remembering the trip. Unfortunately, we went on December 30th along with everyone else in California. It was crazy, packed, busy!! We still had a good time though. Thank goodness for Grandma and her motorized scooter! We were able to use the handicap entrance at the rides which made our wait time 20-30 minutes as opposed to 2-3 HOURS!!!!!!!!! Next time we go, we won't go at the end of the year.
Yipeeeeee, Disneyland!!!
A BUNCH of people that passed us would say, "Oh look! The cheetah girls are at Disneyland!" If I had a dollar for everytime that was said..... :)

Waiting with their Aunt, Uncle and cousins while the stroller and scooter were being rented.
In line for her first roller coaster ride...Indiana Jones. She was very nervous!
It's almost time for our turn
We're about to take off. She let off a few good screams during the ride, but at the end, she said she liked it and was ready for more. Bring it on!!!
Heading out on Pirates of the Caribbean
Payton LOOOOVED the roller coasters!!! Bransyn, unfortunately, wasn't quite tall enough for all of them, but the ones she got to do, she LOVED!
Bsyn pouting because she had to stay with Papa (he didn't do most of the rides) because she was just the teensiest tiniest bit to short and they wouldn't let her go. :(

Isn't that just pathetic?!?! I felt really bad for her, but not bad enough to stay behind with her! ;-}

She got in about a 15 min. snooze before having to get out for the next ride.


Fun on the teacups. The faster, the better!!

We had to get our pic with the "cheetah girls" :)

Grandma and Kendal and the flying elephant, DUMBO
Could they be any cheesier?!?!
Waiting in line for It's a Small World, where Jeff and his dad got into a little tiff. They pulled it together when his Mom told them to knock it off before they got us kicked out of "The Happiest Place on Earth". That would have been most unfortunate!!

Waiting for the parade to start. Because of it being so packed there, we didn't run into any of the princesses or Mickey or Minnie or anyone else wandering around the park so at least they got to see all of them here. I was kinda bummed not to get any pics with them though. Next trip...

Hard to see, but Kendal got high fived by one of Santa's reindeer. She was soooo excited about that. It even made Papa tear up a little! He's a softy afterall!! :)

Couldn't leave without getting the "Mickey" ears with their names. Although it's no longer just the standard black ears like it was when I was a kid. Now they have them in all sorts of different colors and styles, they light up and flash and blink. It's crazy! The picking out process took FOREVER!!! One would have their choice, but would change their mind by the time another one had picked theirs. After about 30 minutes, I finally told them that they had to pick one NOW or I was going to pick for them. You can see what they chose, good choices, I think!

The rest of the family had taken off back to the hotel, but there were a few more things that we wanted to do. Like ride the monorail. We got to ride in the very front with the "captain" on the first trip. The girls thought that was just way cool!! On the second trip, we were with the rest of the commoners. :)

The lights in a tunnel of the monorail. I thought it made a neat pic.

They had been begging for ice cream all day so we told them we would get some before we left. It was a great and yummy way to end the day!! They all zonked out in the car back to the hotel, which was only about a mile away, and went straight to bed. Clothes and all....I was thankful that it was a hotel bed and not their beds at home. :)

We had a fabulous day! Thanks Grandma and Papa, we love you!!!

to be continued...

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