Monday, August 24, 2009

Payton turns 5

This past Saturday was Payton's FIFTH birthday. Since Bransyn's bday is 2 weeks away, I asked the girls if they wanted to have a party or if they would rather go to the zoo. Both excitedly said the zoo! Since my parents are coming this weekend and it worked out that Jeff has to work both of their birthday weekends, we will taking the birthday zoo trip this weekend with Grandma and Papa. Payton wanted to wait and have cake and open presents with Grandma and Papa so we told her she could pick a place to go for dinner so she would have something special to do on her birthday. She picked Red Robin. YUMMMMM!!!!

Our server (is that the PC term??) and other employees came to the table with balloons for her, announced to everyone in the place that it was her birthday and proceeded to sing to her.

She got a little emabarrassed when they were singing to her.

It was worth the embarrassment. :) She got this ginormous sundae that she shared with her sisters....and well OK, Mommy too!! :)

She loves her bendy Red Robin that they gave to her as well.
Happy Birthday sweet Payton. We love you very much!!
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