Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school

While according to the calendar (or weather), it may not officially be the end of summer, but summer as we knew it is over!! No more sleeping in, staying up late, going to the pool, staying in PJ's all day, having friends over fairly regularly and living with just about no type of schedule at all. Today summer ended and school started! Life around our house is back on a schedule. One that may prove to be a little more hectic than in years past. Instead of just getting one child off to school, I now have to get two out the door. Kendal started third grade and Payton started Kindergarten. Both were very excited for their first day of school. Everyone was in bed last night on time knowing that they would have to be up by 6:30 this morning. I went to bed praying that it would be a good morning! I got up at 6:00, went to the kitchen to get my coffee and before I even got it poured, I hear, "Hi Mama". Kendal was already up! It was going to be a good morning!!! :)

My big girls excited and ready to leave for school. They started asking at 7:15 if we could leave!!

Bransyn had to be in some pics with her sisters!

Payton with her teacher, Ms. L

She seems so little to be putting things in a locker!! :-/

sitting at her desk

After getting plenty of hugs and kisses and me shedding a few tears, she got right into coloring. I knew she was going to have a good day!

Kendal with her teacher, Ms. F

After we left Payton in her class, Kendal informed me that she could get to her class by herself. She has always been little miss independent! I took her anyway because I am just not ready for that independence. Plus, I had to take pictures...obviously!! :)
I managed to leave both my girls with minimal tears and head home to get a few things done before going for a Mommy playdate with my friends Allyson and Kelly and our "leftover children" as they are being referred to. :) It was so nice to sit at the table drinking coffee and talking with very minimal interruption. We kept commenting on how quiet it was.

The "leftover children" had fun playing together and didn't seem to miss their older siblings at all.
We picked the big kids up after school and they all came out with a smile, got in the car and were excited about their day. All said they had fun and they liked their teachers. We celebrated the day with Sonic Happy Hour. It was a great day...hopefully these kind of days will continue through the year!!
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Barb said...

They are so big! Aughh! And Kendal is so grown up wearing her hair down. I'm glad your first day went smooth and that you made it through!

CRIM said...

good stuff sass - love the trip to dallas - the b-day pics and first day of school - when you get going y uare unstoppable:-)actually - see how much you can get done when there are no children around!!!:-)