Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthdays and the Zoo

This year, Payton's birthday was on a Saturday (Aug. 22) and Bransyn's (Sept. 6) was 15 days later on a Sunday. Jeff had to work both those weekends, his off weekend fell the weekend between their birthdays. It actually worked out well because Grandma and Papa W were here for that off weekend as well. We had asked the girls if they wanted to have a party with friends or if they wanted to go to the zoo. Both, very enthusiastically wanted the zoo! YAY!! I also asked them if they wanted to have birthday cake and open presents on their birthdays or with Grandma and Papa here. Both again, very enthusiastically wanted to celebrate with their grandparents here. So we went to the zoo, opened presents and had birthday cake on the Sat. between their birthdays. It was great!!!

I let each of them open the present from Kendal in case they wanted to wear them at the zoo.

everyone's got their shades on, now off to the zoo...

Sun Bears have unusually long does Kendal!!

We had told them that there was going to be no stroller, that everyone would be walking, but when we got there and I saw that it was a $9 rental (considerably cheaper than Disney and Sea World), I changed my mind. I didn't want to have to listen to the whining by Bransyn that she was too tired to walk anymore. I know...I'm a sucker!!

for some reason they loved running back and forth on this

Papa and the girls taking a breather...

wonder what she's thinking.... ???

checking out the penguins, where Payton informed me that she still knew her penguin fact from preschool last April.....chinstrap penguins are the most common penguins.....why yes, she does still remember it

just thought this was pretty

Kendal is a little freaked out in this pic because there was a bee that took a liking to her and wouldn't leave her alone :)

Fun time at the zoo!! Even if the bee kept following Kendal everywhere!

back home and ready to open presents

Payton with more Littlest Pet Shop to add to her "collection"

Bransyn with Tinkerbell and her house that she would have to inform me EVERY time she saw the commercial for it. "MAMA I WANT THAT RIGHT THERE, IT'S TINKERBELL!!!!"

more fairies so Tink would have some playmates

Bransyn hugging the money that she got from Grandma and Papa.

I got a tub to store the growing Littlest Pet Shop and Tinkerbell collection so it's a little more organized and each of the girls had to take turns getting in it and putting the lid on



Kendal, we ALMOST got that lid pushed down on her

"Happy Birthday to You...!"

mmmm...good, even if it wasn't decorated very pretty :)
It was a fun, between birthday celebration that was even more special because Grandma and Papa were here to help them celebrate. I just can't believe that they are 5 and 4!! :( Love you bunches sweet girls!!!

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