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Christmas Break 2009

Yes, I am way overdue on posting about our Christmas trip. Just been anti-computer lately, don't know why.... There are GOBS of pics here...sorry 'bout that!! I had over 250 to choose from and I didn't want to take the time to do separate postings like I did last year since I've already taken so long to do these.

For the second year in a row, we spent the ENTIRE Christmas break "on the road". As soon as the girls got out of school, we hit the road that afternoon for my parents in NM. It made for a VERY long day and late night, but it was well worth it!

We weren't on the road 30 min. when the "how much longer?" started. GRRR!!! We were all very glad when we finally got to Grandma and Papa's!

As usual, while there, the girls LOVED playing in Grandma's big tub

I love these crazy girls!!

ready for church

we made our traditional gingerbread house
the girls have fun putting it together and putting all the candy on, but the instant they're done, they're asking if they can eat the candy :)


got gums?!?!


The girls and Grandma listening as Papa reads the true Christmas story from Luke 2 before opening presents

a tradition from when I was a little girl that I love to have carried over to our girls

YAY!! Time to open presents

lots of cool stuff

Stopped in Ruidoso, NM to check out the snow on our way to CA. The girls thought it was very cool, but between some snow and an accident, our already long 12 hour drive was turned into a little over 14 hours. Not good!!!

we travel in shoes that are easy to slip on and off at our fuel and potty stops, but clearly not appropriate for snow :)

After a VERY LOOOONG traveling day, we finally made it to Jeff's parents in CA. It is amazing that everyone survived. We were so sick of hearing, "how much longer?", "I'm tired of being in the car", "when are we going to get there?", "she's touching me", "she's copying me".....times three in very whiny voices!

they have so much fun with their cousins

We opened presents with Jeff's parents, his sister and her family Christmas Eve

stockings Christmas morning

all of them asked Santa for a pink Snuggie...

...they were very happy
I am so glad they are so easy to please!!

We had visited the grandparents at their homes, but were glad that both were feeling up to getting out to come to Jeff's parents Christmas day.
the great-grandkids with Grandma H

with great-Papa S

our girls with two of my cousins' kids

on our way to San Diego

free entertainment....watching the planes take off and land at SD airport
they LOVED it!!! :)
We left the airport planning on going to Seaport Village for a little while and then taking the girls on the USS Midway. An aircraft carrier museum in SD with more than 60 exhibits and 25 restored aircraft. Unfortunately, those plans got changed because of a broken camera. We were only able to spend about 15 min. at Seaport Village before our camera quit working and we had to leave and go to Target for a new one. I just COULD NOT spend the rest of our trip without a camera, it's bad enough that we don't have a video camera! I only got one cute pic of them at Seaport Village looking out over the water...

love this picture with Payton's hand protectively on Bransyn's back

got this picture of the big pile of seaweed that Kendal saw and said, "Look, Daddy! A big net!" :)camera quit working :(my new camera...IT'S PURPLE!! and has a nice big screen to view pics :)
Unfortunately, we didn't have time to go back to Seaport village or go on the USS Midway because we were meeting Jeff's parents at Shelter Island to eat some yummy Point Loma Seafood.

The girls ate their McD's in the car while waiting for Grandma and Papa to get there. They said it was too cold to eat outside. However, it wasn't too cold to play...

It was a fun day!! All snuggled up together in bed at the hotel. Excited for the next day...

Kendal was doing a little reading before we left the hotel....from the Bible! :)

We're going to Sea World!!!

slug bug Shamu!

waiting to pet a dolphin

oh so close, but never close enough :(

they all got splashed by a stingray trying to escape
that was some cold water!!
they didn't care!

We went on the Sky Ride...

Daddy and his girls

Waiting for the Shamu show to start...

Yummy cotton candy

we saw Clyde and Seamore


the girls with the animals they picked out
Kendal got a polar bear, name: Terrabella
Payton got a pink turtle, name: Pinkabella
Bransyn got a purple turtle, name: Purplebella

had to break out the jackets for the rest of the evening

going on a "helicopter" ride

Kendal is clutching Jeff's arm. We had them convinced that it was a real helicopter. hehe!

We took them on the Journey to Atalntis ride.

everyones happy now playing in the kid area

Kendal was freaked out about walking across the moveable wooden bridge. The other two ran across to the other side. It took Kendal forever to get to the other side. She's such a scaredy-cat! She gets it from her Grandma W (my mom), I do believe!
We had a wonderful time at Sea World and wished we could spend more time in SD, but it was getting late and we had make the drive back to Jeff's parents. I had the next day to get us all packed back up again to head back home, making a stop at my parents again on the way.

waking the girls up VERY early so we could get on the road for our 12 hour drive...they DID NOT want to get up!!

We made it back to my parents house where the girls enjoyed a couple more days of...

wrestling with Papa

roasting marshmallows

and hanging out with Grandma and Papa
Peace, out

Unfortunately, our vacation was coming to an end and we had to head home
a quick pic with Grandma and Papa before hitting the road
Kendal and Payton are asleep under their blankets
Bsyn sleeps a little more normal :)

We made it home without incident and considering the amount of time we spent in the car on the road over two weeks, we are extremely thankful for God's protection. We had an awesome trip and on one hand, we were sad to see it end, but on the other hand, we were happy to get back to our normal routines...even though that meant school and work.
Until next time...

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