Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!

Jeff and I were up about five this morning. Him getting ready for work, me fixing him some breakfast and his lunch. I'm a great wife that way! :) I looked out the back door and said, "Holy crap, it's snowing!" Not too sure why I was surprised by that, we've been hearing that it was going to for about a week now and yet I was still surprised. I also figured it wouldn't be much of a big deal, even though the weather forecasters we watch every morning have been saying we'd get some good snowfall. It was a big deal! Now the watch is on to see about a school delay...I was really hoping for one. I wanted the girls to be able to sleep in. Bransyn was up about 6:20! A little after 6:30, the official word was school delay...SCHOOL IS CANCELLED!! Of course, Kendal and Payton are both up by 7. So much for them sleeping in!! All three of them were very excited about the snow and immediately started asking to go out and play in it.

all layered and bundled up

measured at 9:45

the girls with their snowman, "Happy Face"
I do not have the proper gloves to be handling snow. My hands were wet, cold and numb while working on the bottom part so I told them it had to be a baby snowman. :)

making snow angels, or at least attempting to

Payton called it quits

What a cute face!! Even if it is all red and snotty! :)

Now, Bransyn has called it quits as well

Kendal didn't care! She stayed out there for awhile longer and played by herself.

"My feet are soooooo numb! I want to come in now!!"

perfect time for hot chocolate

everyone snuggled back up in their PJ's and blankets enjoying some hot cocoa

measured at 4:55

measured at 8:20
and was still snowing
Who knows what tomorrow will is cancelled again! The girls are excited about being able to stay up late tonight and have a slumber party in Kendal's room. They've already asked if they can play in the snow again tomorrow. Of course they can!! :)
Until next time...

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