Monday, April 26, 2010

Big Boo-Boo

Two weeks ago today, my mom left with their puppy, Jake. That evening we noticed that Tank was acting a little...not quite right. Jeff and I kept asking him if he was missing his brother and that was why he was acting funny. Obviously, we weren't actually getting an answer from him! :) Later that night, Jeff made a comment that he seemed to be favoring his left front leg so I played around with it a little, but there wasn't much reaction from him so we figured he was fine. The next day, he still wasn't acting right...not playing with Tyson like he normally would and laying around more than usual. I noticed that he really was favoring his leg, to the point of not walking on it at all. I gently squeezed up and down on the leg and the poor little guy started whimpering. Oh, bummer!!! I called the vet and was able to take him in. Much to my dismay, partially because of his pain and partially because of the hit our checking accout took, poor Tankers has a non-displaced fracture in his leg. Oh, BIG bummer! Thankfully, it wasn't a displaced fracture because that would have been more painful for him...and much more expensive for us! :) It took about a day, with some pain medicine and him getting used to his leg being wrapped up to get back to normal. Once he got used to it, there was no stopping him! :) Hopefully he'll be able to have the wrap taken off in a couple of weeks.

Is that face just not cute and pathetic, or what?! :)
Until next time...

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