Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh puppy, or should I say puppIES!!

One puppy has now become THREE!!! What did I agree to?????

When the girls, Tank and I went to my parents over Spring Break, my parents thought Tank was just so cute and said that they would take one of the puppies if there were any left. There weren't...they were all spoken for the day we got Tank, almost 3 weeks ago. As it turns out, whoever was suppose to be taking two of the puppies couldn't after all. I called my parents and they said they would take one of them. Jeff decided, and I, somewhat reluctantly agreed that we would take the other puppy. Oh my, oh my!! The first day was a little rough, by the end of the night, I...WAS...EXHAUSTED!!! It was a constant pee and poo cleanup, spending several hours outside with them so that they couldn't potty in the house and keeping them from chewing on anything they could get their little teeth on. At first when I showed up home with them, Tank was TICKED!! He even kept growling and snapping at me when I tried to go near him. I had to break up a couple of fights that starting getting a little too vicious sounding for my taste. By the end of the day though, they were buddies and get along great now. My mom will come the middle of next week or we will meet them half way on Sat. to give them their little guy so until then, we have 3 puppies. One for each girl and yet they still manage to fight about them. Now instead of fighting over one and who gets to hold him, now they fight over which one they are going to hold. So ridiculous!!!

Bsyn with the puppies the morning we brought them home
Tank on the left, Jake in the middle (mom and dad's) and Tyson on the right
Tank weighs 3.3 lbs. (turns out he was the runt of the litter), Jake weighs 4.7 lbs. and Tyson weighs 4.5 lbs.
Tank and Jake have similar coloring, but Tyson is all white except for black patches on his ear, over his eye and by his tail. They are all so adorable!
finally getting along and snoozing together on Bsyn's lap

Kendal holding Tank
Bransyn holding Tyson
Payton holding Jake

Until next time...


3BoyMom said...

They are so cute, and you are SO crazy.

CRIM said...

if Chris wouldn't leave me I would SO take Tyson - SO CUTE

The Horton Family said...

They are ADORABLE and yes, I agree with H - you are CRAZY!!!!

The Horton Family said...

Oh my - oh my! They are ADORABLE and I agree with H - you are CRAZY!!!!