Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I had a ditz moment!

Saturday, my friend and I and our 5 girls spent the afternoon together. Before we could start the fun, I had to air up my tire. It is something I have done a few times, but usually Jeff does it. When I have done it, I have gone to the Shell station right by our house. I drop my quarters in the machine, it comes on, I air up my tire(s) and I'm on my way. Jeff told me to go to Quik Trip because the air is free and we would be passing it on the way to the mall. No problem!

I go to QT, pull out the little tire pressure reader thingy and check the air. Jeff says it needs to be around 30-35 psi. No problem! I put it on the tire and it spits out the stick and says it's around 25 psi. Kendal is helping me so we get the hose pulled out and I start airing up the tire. I hear a pssssssssssss sound, wait a little while and recheck the pressure. It looks to be about the same, so I put those air hose back on. Psssssssssss some more. Recheck the pressure several time because it doesn't look like it's gone up any and in fact looks like it's a little, teeny tiny bit less. I grouch about how we should have a digital reader because it would be so much easier to read than this thing that spits out a stick. I have Kendal pull the hose back out start airing up some more. Pssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss some more. This time I left it on quite a bit longer because I had a ways to go and I was tired of checking and re-checking. My tire however does not look like it's getting any bigger. Finally check and the psi reads 20. I'm sure you have figured out what was happening...

I called Jeff and said, "I'm here at QT trying to air up the tire. Don't you put the hose on the tire and it airs up? It doesn't seem to be working." He asks (with a tone that says, surely my wife isn't that dumb), "Did you turn on the machine?" I look at the machine and that is when I see the black button that you are supposed to push for the air to work. I instantly started CRACKING UP because instead of airing up my tires, I had in fact been letting the air out of them. He is at work in the office and tells everyone what I had just done. I hear all the laughter in the back ground. Luckily, I can laugh at myself and am entirely OK with someone else laughing at my stupidity. I will also laugh at yours! :)

I pushed the black button and the machine started roaring. That really should have been my tip-off that something wasn't right...the machine didn't sound like it was trying to take off before. My tire aired up very quickly and we were on our way!

I hope you got a good laugh at my expense. I can take it!!! :)

Until next time...

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Momma Wolg said...

Woo Hoo...Sass is back!
And, YES, I'm laughing at you...out loud.
Love you!