Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Conversation" with Payton

ME: Payton, you need to pick up your toys and shoes and put them where they belong.

PAYTON: I don't want to

ME: I didn't ask you if you wanted to, put them away NOW!

(she says something that I didn't quite get)

ME: Did you say you were going to Ms. Renee and Ms. Gloria's?

PAYTON: NO, I SAID, I am going to Ms. Renee's

ME: What about Ms. Gloria?

PAYTON: I'll go there tomorrow

ME: OK then, let me get you some things packed and open the door for you

PAYTON: Maybe I'll go another day

ME: That's what I thought, now then, do as I told you and put your toys in the playroom and your shoes in your closet and wait for me in your bedroom

PAYTON: Sorry, Mommy

ME: what I said

She did what I said and got her things put away and waited for her punishment. She got punished not so much because of the conversation itself, but because of the mouthy, snotty way she was talking to me. I did, however think it was pretty cute that she wanted to head off to Ms. Renee and Ms. Gloria's. :) They are her CDC teachers from last year for those of you who don't know them.

Until next time...


CRIM said...

I want to go to ms renee and ms glorias too!!!!!

Panda-Mom said...

I LOVE your blog name!!!!! ; )

3BoyMom said...

Can I run away with her??!?!?