Thursday, June 5, 2008

"School's Out For Summer!!!!"

While I am glad that school is now more early mornings dragging Kendal out of bed, no more fixing lunches, no more running around the house like crazy people because we are running late. The flip side to that is that we have officially been on summer break for 3 hours and the girls are already fighting. If this keeps up we are in for a real "fun" summer.

Kendal did great this year. She improved so much on everything and was on the Honor Roll all year. WOOOOOHOOOOO!! Way to go, kid!! She reconnected with friends from last year and made some new friends.

Here she is with some of her friends in class and her sisters who just had to be in the picture as well. The girl in purple, Aiswari, was her best bud in class. She was always going on about "Aiswari this and Aiswari that". One day I told her she couldn't say her name anymore for the rest of the day. Man, that is so bad!!! :) She's a sweet girl and we hope to see her over summer.

yummy, yummy pizza

Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Nutt (and sisters who couldn't be left out again). Before school started, when we were talking to her about 1st grade starting and told her that her teacher was going to be Mrs. Nutt, she kinda giggled and said, "You mean like, 'you're a nut'?" She was sent off to school with the warning that she better not say that to her teacher. It took a few days for her not to giggle every time her name was said. Kendal loved her teacher and is sad that she won't be back next year. Makes ya wonder what kid drove her away. way it was mine! :) She is moving on to bigger and better, if being a school counselor is bigger and better. She said in her 13 years of teaching that this class was one of her top three. So proud that my girl was in it!!!!!!!!!!!

Now...something that has nothing to do with school being out, but something that I think is just great. Back in January, Kendal lost her second tooth at school and in April she wrote a note at school to the tooth fairy that came home today with her other things. Don't know why when it was three months later, but April it was. Here is her note to the tooth fairy, as she wrote it.

Dear Tooth Fary

My name is kendal I loost 2 teeth I am a good prson and for losing 2 teeth I want a Barbelap top. I go to a scool cold Vickery Elumichy Where do you Live? My teachers name is Mrs. Nutt. She is a nice theachr. Do you build your house out of teeth? Whant is your favorie Coler? Love Kendal

And guess what?! The good ol' tooth fairy sent back a reply. Oh, yes she did!!

Dear Kendal,

Thank you for writing me such a nice letter. I know that you are a very smart girl and did a great job in first grade this year. I know that you are doing a good job with brushing your teeth. I am sorry that I will not be able to give you a Barbie laptop when you lose teeth. That is a little too much for me. I only give small prizes. When I get teeth I use them to make jewelry and to help build a big castle! My favorite color is WHITE, that is why I like to collect teeth. I hope that you have a fun summer. I can't wait to come to your house again when you lose another tooth.


The Tooth Fairy

Isn't it great?! While we were reading this together though, she did ask me, "Mommy is that really from the tooth fairy?" I just responded with, "Why do you ask?" Bransyn distracted her and the conversation was over, so in our house at least, the tooth fairy lives another day! :)

Until next time...


3BoyMom said...

That Tooth Fairy is a real Nutt!

T Witt said...

Good for Kendal Honor Roll all year. Way to go !!! That Tooth Fairy is a real hoot. Glad you will have some calm mornings for awhile.