Monday, June 30, 2008

VBS, Grandparents and Friends

The girls really enjoyed their first Vacation Bible School of the summer at my friends church. Now two more to go! :)

Payton doing a little performance before the performance actually started. What a nut!

Kendal really got into doing all the motions for the five songs the kids "sang" for us. It's a good thing the soundtrack was being played at the same time with the words because most of the kids had to focus too hard to get all the motions right that they couldn't sing at the same time. Everyone was so stinkin' cute!!

Apparently the evening VBS and staying up late has taken it's toll!! A big yawn from Payton during their performance. She ended up sitting out with me for the last couple of songs.

Grandma and Papa S came to see the girls, and I guess Jeff and I, but mostly the girls. :) We had a great time with them and it was nice that they were able to be here for Kendal's birthday party with her friends.

We had Kendal's birthday party at one of the local pools with 10 of her friends. We had almost 40 people there when you count in all of us and other families that came. WOW!! We had tons of fun. Having Grandma and Papa there was a HUGE help with the food AND Payton and Bransyn. Kendal was very excited about her Hannah Montana birthday cake! Silly girl!!

Here's Kendal surrounded by all of her presents from her friends. SERIOUSLY?!?!
Can you say SPOILED ROTTEN BRAT?!?! :)

Daddy with his girls after the party. Everyone was pretty tuckered out.

The girls having fun in the pool that Grandma and Papa got them while they were here.

Until next time...


3BoyMom said...

LOVE the music AND the HM cake! :)

CRIM said...

if those girls don't have their daddy wrapped around their finger - then I don't know nothin' :-)

The Hortons said...

Love the pics with you and the kids. Good looking family. And VBS looks FABULOUS! Oh yeah, good times in the water ! That's our fave thing too!