Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last Day of School

Yes, the last day of school was a month and 3 days ago. I just haven't taken the time to update, but a certain friend (ALLYSON!) will occassionally give me grief about my un-updated blog so I am finally taking the time for the much needed update even though it means staying up late! :)

The girls and I went to the school for the end of year class party which is fun, but also a little sad. It's means another year has gone by and our girls our getting older *sniff,sniff*, it means homework will be a little harder next year, it means that friends won't be seen on a regular basis, it means that all three of them will be home and will get on each other's (and mine) nerves, it means finding things to do that don't require too much money or having to be out in the heat and this time it even means that on the first day of school, I will be leaving two of my girls there all day.

Picnic lunch outside, which was a little too warm for my taste, but the kids loved it and that's what matters......I guess! :)

First round of sunflower seed spitting contest. It was supposed to be watermelon seeds, but a SEEDLESS watermelon was accidentally bought instead (HA!) so some improvisation was required. One little girl cracked me up because she chose not to participate because she said that ladies don't spit. HAHAHA-HA!!! My "lady" didn't care she was out there spittin' as best as she could.

She made it to the final four and ended up in fourth. But we are talking about a SPITTING contest so fourth is good!

The girls with Kendal's teacher, Mrs. Potter

When we got home, Payton and Bransyn decided to lay random items all over the living room floor. Each piece had it's own place and they worked very hard to get it just right. They are very proud of their "work", can't you tell!?!

They didn't have as much fun filling these buckets back up as they did emtying them.

Until next time...

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3BoyMom said...

I am proud of their work, too. And proud of you for FINALLY updating--thanks! :)