Monday, June 7, 2010

Kendal turns 9

Kendal now has only one year left of the single digit age. Today she turned 9. I'm not sure where all the years have gone, each one seems to pass quicker than the year before. I am not ready for the two digit age. She is growing up way too fast, I want to keep her little for just awhile longer.

Since the girls are still in school, we celebrated her birthday as a family yesterday. It was a great day.

excited about a check from Grandma and Papa W

opening her present from us

She doesn't really quite know what's happening since her gift seems to be her tennis shoes that she has been wearing the last couple of months. Jeff told her we were to poor to buy a gift so her shoes were her gift. After few seconds of the "I got shafted" look, I told her to see what was under the shoes.

still a little confused

Still not too sure what's happening. She has been wanting roller skates, but we felt that she should be there to try them on and pick out the ones she wanted. We still wanted her to be able to open something and thought this was the way to do it plus it was a little fun to see her face when she pulled out her cruddy tennis shoes. :)

Very happy now. Even got the arm pump and a big "YESSSSSSSS!!!!"

She told us before we left the house that she wanted black and red ones. She got what she wanted!

Trying them best as she could with them attached together

She is much more confident in them standing still than moving. She is very wobbly and needs to be held onto. She spent most of her time in them walking in the grass. :)
Skates in red and black were purchased then it was off to eat. Birthday girls choice...Red Robin, a family favorite!

Apparently the roller skate shopping (one store, one pair tried on) was too much for Payton and Bransyn to handle. They crashed on the way to Red Robin.

Everyone is awake and ready for food

She got sung to and was given the birthday sundae and three balloons which she shared both with her sisters. What a great big sister!!!

We will be celebrating with her friends on Fri. night at our house for a SLUMBER PARTY!!! 13 invitations were given out, 6 yes RSVP's and haven't heard either way from the remaining 7. Could be interesting...and LOUD!! :)
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CRIM said...

I LOVE the look on bsyns face when K pulls out the shoe!!! :-)

3BoyMom said...

That is so MEAN! And reeks of being Jeff's idea...