Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kindergarten Graduate

Today, Payton graduated from Kindergarten. Although, they no longer have a graduation ceremony like they did with all the classes together when Kendal was in Kindergarten. Now, it's each class in their own rooms with the teacher and no principal. Now it's called Kindergarten Recognition. No matter how they do it or what they call it, it was still a special moment for our middle girl and her Mama and Daddy. :)

waiting with her friends

her teacher, Ms. L telling us all what a great year it was

getting her diploma and her award for her willingness to help others
Ms. L took the time to say something sweet about each child

reading her card

cute girls

Payton loved her teacher and loved school. She was given the option of coming home with us at 1:30 or staying until school got out. She wanted to stay. She would come home from school each day begging to do her homework, even on days when she didn't have any. I hope that trend continues throughout the rest of her school days! We are so proud of our little "graduate"!
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