Thursday, June 17, 2010

School's Out For Summer!

The girls' last day of school was one week ago. I'm not real sure what the point is to the "last day" other than to say they were in school for so many days of the year. The last day consists of no real academia just some "play time", lunch and class parties. The girls did not want to miss their class parties though! It was a little trickier this year having two in school. I had to divide my time between the two. It'll be interesting when Bransyn starts Kindergarten, how I'm going to swing three parties. Although, when Bransyn starts school, Kendal will be in 5th (say it ain't so!) and the last thing she'll probably want is her Mama showing up in her classroom. Let me tell ya...that'll just be a sad day for me, if that's the case!

first party...Kendal's class

playing sight word bingo

yummy snacks

their teacher, Ms. F telling them goodbye, she will be at a different school next year :(

Off to Payton's class...
making sure her sister has an umbrella in her hair too

little friends...hard to believe they will be in 1st grade next year

"look Mama, a lifesaver ring"

Payton being cheeky, Bransyn raiding the snack table :)
The school year was a success! Kendal had her first experience with TAKS testing (BLAHHHH!!) which involved reading and math. Math is a struggle for her, especially testing and she passed her Math TAKS as well as her reading TAKS. WOOOO HOOOO!! Thank you, God!! That was a huge answer to prayer!!!
Payton loved school and despite my worrying about her being a young 5 starting out, she did very well. She still can't read fully on her own, but we will continue to work on that over the summer.
We are all glad that summer vacation has arrived, although I dread it as well. We were home less than an hour on that last day of school, the girls were playing in their pool, I was on the phone with my mom and was already having the fighting and crying going on. Thankfully, it's been better, if that would make for a very looooong summer! Of course, it helps that they have stayed busy this week. Payton and Kendal have been going to W.O.W. week at the church I work at. Payton goes from 9-12 and Kendal is there from 9-3. Then all three of them have been going to VBS in the evenings at our friend's church. They will probably crash and burn this weekend. :)
With trips to the pool, hanging out with friends, my part-time job I am doing over the summer and some other fun activities, hopefully that'll keep them occupied and non-annoying to each other which brings peace to me. :)
Enjoy your summer!!

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