Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I'm a day late, but what can I say?! It was a crazy weekend. Jeff's weekend off so we stayed busy and I didn't take time to do anything on the computer. Hope all you moms had a great Mommy's Day! I did, we spent most of Saturday morning with a friend from church that took us to this great park to take family pictures. I have to say it went much better than I expected it to and I can't wait to see how they turned out. I'll share some with you when I get the whole downloading of the pictures figured out. Then we did "family yard work" in the heat, which also carried over into Sunday afternoon after church and lunch. Thankfully it was a lot cooler on Sunday than it was on Saturday. Some of you probably think, "What a horrible way to spend a day that's supposed to be all about "me"." But, I actually enjoy it, especially when we're all out there as a family and the girls are playing and getting yucky and having tons of fun and honestly, Jeff does all the hard work. :)

So...Mother's Day brings on all the sweet little things our kids give us and I wanted to share a couple of them with ya'll. Kendal made me this great card at school with colored flowers and vase that she glued on the front, open it up and it is her handprint with this great poem:
Dear Mom,
This is the handprint you have seen before
On the bathroom towels and the kitchen door.
Those, you removed so graciously,
This you may keep for a memory.
Sniff, sniff, so sweet! I think what really gets me is seeing how big her hand is. Not too long and it will be as big as mine. On the next page is a note that she wrote to me herself, exactly how she wrote it:
Dear Mom,
I Love you because you are nice to me. MoM I like your high lies. you look like aroke star. MoM I will always Love you Love Kendal.
Again...sniff, sniff, sniff, even sweeter!! Capital letters in the wrong places or none when there should be, puncuation missing and misspelled words, but this is the BEST, BEST note EVER!!! We will totally be looking back at this one later on together! And in case you can't translate..." high lies" is highlites, "aroke star" is a rock star.
Now Payton, sweet Payton. In her class, her teachers sat down one on one with them and asked them ten questions about "MY MOMMY" that they were supposed to answer and they wrote their answers word for word. Here are my sweet baby girl's Q and A's...
1. What is your mommy's name? Shannon
Correct-I only respond to Mommy or Mama from them though, not even Mom
2. How tall is your mommy? "E O P"
Not sure what this means, but her teacher said she was very adament about it and kept repeating it so her teacher wrote it down.
3. How old is she? 4 and Daddy is 6
Very interesting
4. How much does she weigh? She weighs a lot
HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!! Hilarious and also unfortunately true
5. What color are you mommy's eyes? Green
Very close, actually hazel, Daddy's are green
6. What color is her hair? Brown
...and red and blond
7. What is her favorite food? Hamburgers
Not even close
8. What is your mommy's favorite color? Purple
Right on, my girls know that one well! Payton and Bransyn still point out everything that's purple and says,"Look Mommy, your favorite color!"
9. What does she do while you are at school? She gives her people some food
Not even sure how to respond to that one, that's funny
10. What does your mommy like to do or play? She doesn't play
What?! Aw come on!! Guess I need to change her perception on that one!
Next year I'm sure I'll having something cute from Bransyn, but she's still a little young. I did get a sweet "Happy Mommy's Day" with a hug from her and that's all I need!
There is nothing better than being a Mommy. I love you, Mom. Hope I raise my girls to be as great and as perfect as you raised me. Ha-Ha :)
Until next time...


Barb said...

Awww Shannon that was nice...she gives her people some food hahaha...that was great!! I love sure to post the family pics when you get all that figured out. :)

Bethann said...

Shannon - I love it!! I miss those days!! They grow up real fast - enjoy every minute! Pretty soon they will be starting HIGH SCHOOL!! Crazy! Happy belated mommy's day!!!!

T Witt said...

You gotta love Mothers Day. Those were great can't get rid of those. Hopefully, you'll get the pictures figuredj out soon. Can't wait to see them.