Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Birthday Celebration

Payton turns 6 on Sunday and Bransyn turns 5, fifteen days later on Sept. 6 so last night they had a combined party at Going Bonkers, a big indoor play area...climbing equipment complete with slides, bridges, swinging ropes and an upstairs area with a bunch of different games. It was the first friend party for both of them. They were so excited to be having a party and didn't care that they were having one together.

having fun playing all the games

some random boy counting all their tickets

look how many tickets I got!!

LOVE this cute faced little girl!!!
"I'm (gonna be) 5!!"

LOVE this cute faced little girl too!!!
"I'm (gonna be) 6!!"
Payton and friend being daredevils on the motorcycles

Kendal with the older sibling friends that came to play and hang out

When planning a joined bday party, I wasn't sure how it would turn out when picking decorations and a cake. I thought they might end up wanting two different themes, but when walking down the girly decoration isle at Party City, they got to the Hello Kitty section and both pointed at it and said that they wanted Hello Kitty. Perfect!!

Happy Birthday to you....

Mama and Daddy with the birthday girls

showing their frosting stained tongues

time for presents

both were very excited to get their very own color bag...Kendal has one
discussing how they can make bracelets and necklaces

Her very own jewelry box!! Happy!! :)

the birthday gang minus one that was being camera shy

silly faces

our boy besties

he's no longer being camera shy

They each got to have one friend come home with us and have a sleepover. The four of them and Kendal doing Color Wonder papers....at 11 PM! :)

the big girls finally fell asleep between 12 and 12:30 on the playroom floor

the little girls at 12:30...STILL awake

so awake that they wanted me to take pics of them making silly faces
checked on them 10 min. later and they were finally asleep

cinnamon rolls and sausage for breakfast
despite the late night, they were all up between 7 and 7:30

time for friends to go home
A couple of hours later, more friends came over, but this time I got to have friends here too. Us Mamas got to sit and talk while the 8 kids played for a few hours.

After everyone left, we were getting the house back in order and while I was organizing the playroom closet, Bransyn fell asleep on the floor. She wasn't much help!

Payton didn't want to help clean up her room, claimed to have a headache, so I told her she had to lay on her bed. Once I was finished with it, miraculously the headache was gone and she wanted to get up. NO WAY!!! I told her she had to stay there until I told her she could come out. This is how I found her 5 min. later. Both took about a 2 1/2 hour nap. Sweet!!
I am glad to have all birthday parties done for the year. Now just to get past the actual birth days and our birthday tradition of letting the birthday child pick where they want to eat and presents from Mama and Daddy. Payton's is Sunday...so far she started with wanting to go to Red Robin, then it was Texas Roadhouse, then it was Old McDonald's (that's what my girls call it) and last choice was Burger King. We'll see where we end up.
Until next time...

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i'm so glad that you learned from the 1st sleepover:-)