Friday, August 13, 2010

School Supplies Are Purchased...LET'S START SCHOOL!!!

ready to start getting their school supplies

ready for Mama to purchase their school supplies

These pictures are very misleading. Both show two smiling happy girls. What isn't shown between these two pictures is the little girls that were complaining, whining, fighting with each other during this shopping experience. It was a miserable trip, they were possessed by something evil during the time that we were there. Either I will totally forget about this and repeat it again next year or I will remember and choose to pay the extra for the prepackaged packs or take them each separately. Probably the latter because next year I will have ALL THREE of them in elementary school. YIKES!!
This is one Mama that is definitely ready for summer to end and school to begin!!


3BoyMom said...

What? Pay extra $ to miss out on this joy?!?
Hurry up, August 23rd.

Momma Wolg said...

I'm with ya...ready for school to start. All summered out.