Monday, August 2, 2010

Fourth of July

We spent our 4th of July at church in the morning, followed by a potluck lunch, a little rest and relaxing in the afternoon and then took the girls to watch fireworks.

Daddy and his girls before church....the girls July 4th festive, Daddy, not so much.
It occurred to me on this morning that I never did anything for Father's Day on here because he was out of town, so a little late, but a big hug and lots of love to our awesome Daddy!!

even their toes were festive :)
Waiting for the fireworks to start
On our way to our usual fireworks watching spot...the mall parking lot...there was a change in plans on where we would watch them and ended up being in a grassy lot. Grassy lot=many bugs flying around, mall parking lot=not so many bugs flying around.

still waiting

the girls made a little friend who shared some of her firework streamers

Payton got streamed

the girls sharing their red, white and blue glow sticks (although they don't look very glowy here) with their new friend

Payton and Bransyn went into hiding in the car because of all the june it june or joon??...anyway, because of the bugs that kept "attacking" them
FYI----glow sticks attract bugs :)

Kendal soon joined them
Once the fireworks got started the girls retreated from the car. Kendal sat as close to Jeff as she possibly could in her chair. Payton and Bransyn, instead of sitting in their nice, comfy chairs that were brought for them, had to sit in my lap so as not to be attacked by any more bugs. That was not the case, it was hot and I didn't get any more pictures! Next year, I think we will be back to our usual spot or at least some place with no grass!!

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