Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Today, Kendal started 4th grade and Payton started 1st. Blows my mind that in two short years we will have one in Middle School. It seems like I just walked Kendal into her Kindergarten classroom. Embrace the time you have with your children! Enjoy it, even the not so enjoyable moments. Before we know it, they will be off living their own lives and we will wonder where the time went.

So cute!
3rd grade was the year that Kendal would only wear her hair in a low ponytail. Didn't want it any other way and would have a fit when I made her wear it down for pictures. Apparently 4th grade is the year to wear it down. :)
Bsyn wanted to be in a pic with her sisters. Thankfully, Grandma and Papa were here so I didn't have to have her up and ready to go.

Kendal with her teacher, Ms. P

She is still OK with me walking her to her class (she wanted me to) and taking pictures. I wonder if 5th grade will be the year that that all changes....

Payton with her teacher, Mrs. M

her locker that she gets to share with a good friend

at her desk

A nice way to end our first day of school...a trip to Bahama Bucks with friends.
Until next time...

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