Sunday, August 15, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We took the girls to see our favorite baseball team, the Texas Rangers play against the Boston Red Sox Friday night. It was so much fun and not as hot and miserable as I was expecting it to be. I wish we could go at least once a month.

excited to go see a baseball game
Bransyn was so excited she fell asleep on the way there

We got them Texas shirts...they had to be pink, I could not talk them into the Rangers red or Blue

Daddy's favorite player is Josh Hamilton so all of them insisted on a Hamilton shirt. I tried to persuade Payton and Bransyn to get Murphy, Young or someone different than Kendal, but they were adamant on it being Hamilton. We were rushing, Daddy still had to look for his shirt (no Hamilton in his size :( so he got Lee instead), we had to wait in a very long, slow moving lane to pay and the game was about to start. It wasn't until we were in the bathroom and I was ripping off tags and throwing the shirts over the girls heads that I noticed it. When grabbing for the right size needed, I failed to look at the back of the shirt. Payton has a Kinsler shirt. I did not tell her. Bummer!
a packed house...47,159


having fun

so are they
Josh Hamilton up to bat :)

Everyone still awake and happy, even though it went into extra innings and there were fireworks after the game. It was looking pretty bleak for the Rangers in the 4th, but they came back to tie the score, 9-9 and in the bottom of the 11th inning, Nellie Cruz, first batter up and first pitch thrown, hits a home run to win the game. There were a total of 9 home runs hit between the two teams...IT WAS A FABULOUS, AWESOME GAME!!!! Then to follow that, was the BEST and I mean THE BEST fireworks show we have ever seen!



All of them crashed soon after getting on the road and headed home. It was unfortunate that they had to get bathed once we got home before getting in bed. They were icky!
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