Sunday, August 22, 2010

Payton turns 6

Our birthday tradition is that the birthday girl gets to pick where they want to go for dinner on (or around) their birthday. After a week or so of her thinking about where she wanted to go, Red Robin, Texas Roadhouse, Ol' McDonalds (yes, that is what our girls call it, or if your Bsyn, it's McOl' McDonalds) or Burger King. When the day finally came for her to make her choice, the winner was Red Robin. Of course! Papa and Grandma W were here for her special day and Papa was happy with her choice, he really wanted a nice, big, juicy burger!

done with dinner and her bday sundae and balloon were delivered

she embarrasses easily

and this is why....

some good sport employees were singing Happy Birthday to her
***a little side one point in our marriage, I worked at a restaurant and whenever it came time for the crew to get together to go sing to someone, I always had to use the bathroom, stupid bladder! Of course, it wasn't just a simple walk to the table, announce that we have a birthday in the house, oh no, it was a big production of the group attaching together and running through the restaurant like a train. Train noises and all! This chic don't do that!! OK, side note over.***

with her favorite bird

Papa got his nice, big, juicy burger and in true guy fashion couldn't NOT drip it down his shirt :)

Today is my birthday

look, money!

We had gone to Sam Moon the day before and she was upset with me because I wouldn't buy her two necklaces that she wanted. Little did she know that I did in fact buy them and her sisters gave them to her for her birthday. She was happy!

our little ragamuffins

I'm SIX!!!

She got an extra special treat. Since Grandma and Papa were here, after church they took us to Cici's for lunch.

After lunch, we took her to pick out her new, bigger bike since her knees were practically hitting the handle bars on her old one. Now she just needs to learn how to balance the bigger, heavier one! :)
Happy Birthday, Sweet Payton!
Mama, Daddy and your sisters love you very much!

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3BoyMom said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Payton! We love you!